• Video / Audio Studio Facilities
  • AV Systems for Conference Rooms, Training rooms and Boardrooms.
  • RF and Communal Television Systems
  • Specialised Video and Audio Systems in medical applications
  • Programme creation and content distribution
  • Transmission and Head End systems

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The company is flexible in its approach to finding the right fit to a particular application. Discussions take place to determine exactly what a client expects to achieve. A proposal is then generated which specifies the basic system's infrastructure to ensure that the client's objectives are met. Recommendations are regularly made which enable the client to satisfy budgetary constraints without any shortfall in system operation. 

We believe that careful consideration of a system's operation is paramount in ensuring that solutions specified are cost effective and truly match the task to which they are designed. 

Technical support packages are available which provide cover on what could, in many cases, be a substantial capital investment. Clients are advised of the benefits of such packages and the likelihood of maximum return on their initial outlay.